Old World's End

Tears of God and Sea to be removed


This is a heads-up here and there that as of a little over a week from today (call it 10-27-14 at 12:00 AM), the Tears of God and Sea campaign website here on OP will go away.

The reason for this is that I’m restricted to hosting two campaigns on this site without paying, and the Red Mourning project is rapidly reaching the point where it needs its own wiki page.

If there is material on that site you’d like to pull down, make sure to get it before next week.


If it's Wednesday, there are new wiki pages (revival post)

The Celestmoors are an awful pair of frozen swampy hells.

Angelicus is a title given to Planetaran Udaeoi of the highest distinction.

(..more to follow, obviously).

List of Promised Wiki Pages

If you check back here in the future, there will be completed wiki pages!

Westlanding City Council

Religion in the Created Isles

How long then is a day? A children’s ditty about the measurements of time in the world.

Generic “Race Relations”

History of Smithing/ Available stuff.

Law, Crime, and Punishment in Westlanding

List of Adventurer-Friendly Establishments in Westlanding

Celestmoors, Forest of Angels.

Daily increase in wiki volume, Wednesday edition

Dragon Cults are a mysterious force active in the region.

Ratfolk Isle is a place I’d prefer not to visit.

The Hagwood is a place I’d really prefer not to visit.

Perhaps there should be more wiki pages?

On the Worship of the Creator, a short scholar’s article on a unique Church and Creed.

Great-Solar, a city sketch.

The Order of the Tome, a loose order that connects these two groups.

A few more wiki pages


Question and Answer Number Zero

Light academic:
Samsaran Religion

Literary and Parental:

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