History of the Created Isles - Creation

Most of the history of the Created Isles is the story of the Creator and Creation. As to what inhabited the Isles before Creation, little is known. Plant life was likely much as it is today, but other animal species which have since left were probably here. Whatever forces (if any) observed Creation from the outside have thus-far kept silent. Let us then begin with as de-mythologized an account of creation as can be found.

Before there was man, there was the Creator. Some kind of being from outside our realm’s paradigm, the Creator was and (likely) is one of the most powerful beings in our observed universe. For some reason a few dozen generations time ago, the Creator began a massive work of creation, drawing on some magic far beyond even the most advanced Outside races of our world. From the Creator’s endeavor in the midst of Lake Diligentia sprung forth the Created Races.

Myth says that Humans were the first and most pure of Creation. Speculation as to the origin of the human form or precise inspiration that drove the Creator in this direction seems to us vain. We see, however, that many of the later works of Creation follow the human form.

Myth labels Samsarans as second-among-creation. The supposed ancient memories of that race shared by their so-called “enlightened” do little except to add repetitions to this claim. However, that Samsarans built ships and sailed from the immediate proximity of Lake Diligentia to the far-off Serene Forest and thus missed out on the early struggles does suggest a sort of deep and ancient wisdom.

Before the next act of Creation, the Creator is said to have traveled over the world and seen many sights. From sightseeing, the Creator returned and incorperated diverse characteristics in a flood of new Creation. Ratfolk, Kitsune, Vanara and Gathlain all came about in this period, their bodies seeming to carry the image of Man and Beast or Fey.

The first Creation, having dwelt among the circle-shore of Lake Diligentia, are said to have been fearful of being overrun by Creation’s profligacy, and thus to have copied the Samsarans and fled aboard ships in all directions. Even as they carried the spark of Creation in them, they were changed by whence the went:

Those who went due north to the windy plains were caught up and changed by the winds. Fast of foot, fond of Air, and named Sylph they are.

Those who went due east came to the rifts, where all manner of planar energy from without becomes within. So it was with them, and they became the Suli.

Those who went due south were blown against the shores and (of those who didn’t perish) taken by the Hags of that darkened wood for Prizes. Their children the feared Changelings are. A few journeyed into the frozen far south and came to a great Island. On that Island a mountain of fire burned them deeply, and so were made the Ifriti.

Those who went due west were taken by strong winds into the Oceans deep. Many took their last breaths of Water, but a few were changed and became Undines.

Next the Creator made the Kasatha. And so began a first war, for Vanara and Kasatha could not be made to co-exist. A thousand songs of war we have from that first conflict, as the Creator stood and watched with marvel. No clear victor ever there was, for in the end both races fled from Creation; the Vanara followed the Samsarans’ path far to the West, while the Kasatha licked their wounds and journeyed north toward the warm planes.

During the war, a pair of groups of observers arrived from far-off planes, and each took many Humans for consorts. Thus were of Angels Aasimar born, and also Tieflings by powers less Deific. The two groups, unable to co-exist, did leave for other places also. Aasimar slipped south, and built cities to honor their patrons, while Tieflings worshiped their progenitors by sacrifice at that Darkest of Lakes. Seeing the Tieflings numbers dwindle, the Creator made Wayangs and sent them after, and so began their awful servitude which continues to this day and has marred the lake forever.

Seeing the numerous progeny of Creation still camped at Lake Diligentia’s edge, the Creator cursed the land and sent them fleeing, and so even to this day little grows there.

—Sylan Mathus, Knight of the Tome

History of the Created Isles - Creation

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