New Character Creation

Character Creation will happen in two steps:

Create a level 1 character.

  • Use Standard or 24 die dice pool for ability scores. I may allow a single re-roll of scores if your first set are really bad.
  • Choose one of the races on this page Short PC Races List
  • Choose a class which is not Gunslinger, Inquisitor, or Ninja. Please communicate this with me as soon as you make a decision so we can work out any changes needed to ameliorate your character’s class to the world. Having said that, it’s probably best if you talk to me all through character creation.
  • Read up on Traits and Hero Points, as we’ll use both of these optional rules.
  • Choose Traits, Skills, and Feats.
  • Pick Equipment based on dice-roll based on class. You can either roll or take the average. Keep in mind that Bronze weapons and armor are the norm, rather than the PFRPG’s normal Iron norm.
  • Talk to me to work out interpersonal relationships and/or what kind of demon murdered your father.
  • If everything looks okay to me, I’ll give you a thumbs up on your level 1 character.

Collaboratively work with the GM (and possibly others) to explain how your character achieved level 2 and arrived in the Yet to Be Determined Starting Location.

New Character Creation

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