The Created Isles

The Created Isles is a three-Isle region in the Southern hemisphere of the planet Dorisia. It takes its name and primary mythos from the story of ‘The Creator’, a being of unknown origin or purpose who supposedly created the humanoid inhabitants within the last few hundred years.

Geographically, the Isles are three Islands with unimpressive names: East-Isle, Angel Isle, and West-Isle. Cities tend to sit on East or Angel Isle, while ruins of forts from before ‘Creation’ form the backbone of settlement on West-Isle. Forests are also very important geographically.

The Isles are politically divided, with traders from city-states such as Westlanding serving to move goods across the Isles without much in the way of customs or politics. Nominally, all Created inhabitants look to the un-named city on the Isle of True-Man (Sourthern East-Isle) for guidance, but no formal political or spiritual allegiance is declared.

On the whole, the Created inhabitants posess early Iron or Late Bronze technology, but the fast-evolving society knows many different forms of government. For food information, see Food sources in the Isles.

The three most numerous races of the Isles are believed to be Humans, Aasimar, and Samsarans. The total numbers, however, have long evaded count without a measure of political unity. It is also not known how many mortals dwell in tiny villiages that don’t appear on general area maps.

The Created Isles

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