Law, Crime, and Punishment in Westlanding

Westlanding has separate courts for declared residents (mostly nobles or those with long family histories in the area) and commoners. Both types of court are overseen by one or more magistrates. Magisterial authority is to establish (as necessary) crime and motive, and to set punishment.

Exact procedures vary by Moonth. Generally, a member of the Guard or Navy must present testimonial evidence of wrongdoing and the accused is permitted to give a statement and call witnesses.

In loose order of severity, the top 21 criminal offenses prosecuted in the greater Westlanding area are:

Capital Crimes
(execution, or in generous circumstances, exile):

  1. Piracy
  2. Conspiracy to commit a capital crime other than Piracy.*
  3. Vehicle theft
  4. Warehouse theft
  5. Murder (with premeditation or conspiracy)
  6. Non-Ship-bound theft of trade goods (value must exceed ~300gp)
  7. Storefront theft (value must exceed ~500gp)
  8. Intentionally causing a civil disturbance of more than 300 persons
  9. Public offensive (e.g. damage-causing) magic in circumstances where force is not warranted
  10. Causing major political conflict with another city
  11. Dalliance with Hags

Serious Crimes
(Seizure of Financial Assets, Large Fines, Prison terms of more than 3 Moonths)

  1. Storefront theft (value must exceed ~100 gp)
  2. Excessive Property damage (value must exceed ~500 gp)
  3. Conspiracy to cause a loss of tax revenue (greater than 100gp / Moonth)
  4. Manslaughter (no premeditation or conspiracy, clear mitigating circumstances)
  5. Harboring a member of a forbidden race (Tieflings, Wayang, or Ratfolk) without declaration
  6. Harboring a fugitive from justice (Westlanding only)
  7. Assisting the spread of a disease or plague
  8. Public use of excessive force in circumstances where force is not warranted
  9. Incitement of civil disturbance of less than 300 persons
  10. Gross negligence of public good

Numerous other crimes are prosecuted, but enforcement tends to focus on major crimes such as these.

*Conspiracy to Commit Piracy constitutes grounds of unspeakable punishment

Law, Crime, and Punishment in Westlanding

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